Two Thieves and a Liar


on the day that America began to realise that Reality TV  might be an Oxymoron


they fed the chicken to the cattle and blamed it on the sheep

gave us homeland security and till we can’t sleep

educated into slavery till paranoia runs deep

cinema and love songs ensure we can’t weep

for the pain and the suffering

for the famine and the wars

for the futility of anger

of all our slamming doors

we can’t sight our brothers or our sisters or our kin

we gaze into mirrors and wish that we were thin

we buy into murder, we dive into sin

no matter how we pray our future looks grim

the only thing that matters is the monkey on our backs

we’ll vote it into office and ignore when it attacks

medicated, constipated, pharmaseutical smiles

microwave radiation and a walk-man for your piles

the only definition is the one that fits

your perception of reality sells this shit..!


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