Living in Sh*t (but keeping it shiny)


The world’s a funny old place

There used to exist wondrous civilisations

in south amerika, north amerika,

afrika, australia and asia


Brown eyes in asia

Brown eyes in afrika

Brown eyes in the amerikas

brown eyes in australia

Brown eyes in asia…….


In europe, old Blue eyes

with holy laws got us tongue-tied

and gave us Blue-eyed apartied

You gnow this lyrik cant right

words come out free-flight

set the “truth” alight

enough of this pirate shite

robbers and looters take fright

I am the holy grail’s “white knight”

a rhyming flea-bite

the verbal gun-fight

of a poet’s loaded tongue

singing the praises of the unsung

crying the cry of the dumbed-down

dissin’ the excommunicated klowns

this is the patriachal showdown

religious apartied must shut down

exorcise these cabbagetowns

time to make the vampires frown


Time to make your blue eyes brown

see through your brothers eyes

read through the lines of lies

recognise the world wide spies


“Apartied is dead?”…”Mandela is free!”

but not for all aboriginees

the nomads of the desert

and the people of the trees

and every kind of refugee

I don’t see no Comanche presidency

in the land of the Brave…..

…..or the land of the Free

All I see is economic slavery

and god-fearing hypocricy

a full-on global tragedy

too much HE and not enough SHE

too much US and too much THEM

divide and conquer again and again

Sanity sold by CON-men

Truth dished out by AD-men


“so help me god” AMEN

“with god on our side” AMEN

“in god we trust” AMEN


who burnt the sisters at Salem?

how did it start?…and when…

………..will it end

this truth I defend

I come again and again

check my refrain


feel this and you feel no pain



They’ve played their game

the more things change

it’s always the same

using pens to rob your brain

telling us that we’re insane

well here’s a lie from the outsane

your system stinks like your house-drains

your blue minds are chemically stained

your self-worth’s imprisoned in fear-chains

no kind of killing is humane

all prejudice is ingrained

the vultures are driving the gravy-train

supremacists carry a blood-stain

blue-eyed apartied is soul-shame

the HIStory of victors is all that remains


In the last hour 2,000 people have died of starvation……

2,000 acres of rainforest have been destroyed…..

half a ton of toxic chemicals have been released into the atmosfear

50 plants and animals have become extinct


SO!..what do you think?

does it stink?

are we the weakest link?

are we standing on the brink?

of a precipice, sheer……..

……with no bottom

all our gains are ill-gotten

this system is rotten

we’ve all but forgotten

…….how it was before!

the slamming of your doors

can’t keep me out

conscious lyrik I’ll spout

we must bail out

sort the wheat from the chaffe

sort the good from the bad


let me ask you…….who’s SAD?






must catch a fire

dreaming spires……

…….and vampires

Ride the wire

we got to get higher


higher than high


Try this for size

the slavemaster’s disguise

is the mirror in our eyes

and it should come as no surprise

that life’s greatest prize

is the life that you’ve got


yes life’s greatest prize

is the life that you’ve got