I met a man who could recite all twenty three thousand

lines of the “Romance of the Rose” but could not count to five.

I met a man who could recite PI to one thousand decimal points

but could not find a rhyme for love nor money


I met a man who laughed at every thing that wasn’t funny

I met another who cried for ever because he was happy

and another who laughed at his pain

and one who lost all he’d gained


I met a man who sailed the ocean blue

in  search of pastures blue

He told me he was searching for the “begining of the end”

so I sold him a postcard and he nailed it to the mast

then I stepped into his past

and went to meet his King

who was laying on the ground

whilst his bodyguards around

put the boot into him

like L.A. droogs with Rodney King

history just sings

endlessly repeating itself

forever shedding it’s skin

cleansing the kin

thinning and culling

and making a date with SIN……



I met a woman who remembered

what life was like before Adam


I met a woman whose hair scattered rainbows everywhere

as she danced in the moonlight


I met a woman who was me and she set me free

I met a man who could measure words to the nth degree

he taught me heresy

and how to pray

and how to give it all away

then he asked me to pay

for HIS  fathers crimes

so I said “NO WAY”

and later that day

he tied me to the wheel

but I refused to feel

and I swore to heal

the wounds of my inquisitor


Well I met a man who said “I khan

unite all the nomads on the land”

he said “I’ll lay it all to waste

and the rivers shall taste

worse than bodily waste”

so I went to see my Mother

to ask if there was any other


to gain an extra day?

as the climate starts to sway

She said “have your say….

…..then be on your way”


Well I met a man and he taught me how to surf

on the crust of molten magma

and I met a little boy

who taught me the joy

of playing in inner space


Well I met a man from the future

travelling back in time

who said “excuse me Mr. RHYME?”

“…but I’ve come from a time

where wrappers are disposable

parts of a product”

“careful how you juggle

your verbs and your vowels

may get you into trouble”

so I burst his bubble

with a “sword” that I drew

from my grandmothers sock

which came as a shock

to the “thought police”

who were waiting in the street

with their “crosswords” COCKED

and their ’double entendres “ primed

looking for some crime

of the cerebral kind

but I met this woman

who said ” climb into my body and come with me

to the Ancesters tree

so I climbed aboard and I clung on tight

as her body rose to the highest height

and she showed me what might

or might not come to pass

then she lowered me down

by the hem of her gown

called me her “linguistic clown”

which made me frown

as I looked all around

to see where she’d gone


and a voice from the past said

“look inside your head

she is not dead

haven’t you read

a word that you’ve said?”


I met a woman who scattered rainbows from her hair

I met a woman who was me and she set me free