God is everywhere

God is in the meadows full of flowers

God is the child locked in a cupboard

God is with the dolphins in the sea

God is at the heart of all atrocity

God is full of benevolent kindness

God is plagued by selective blindness

God is the name of our inner peace

God is the bomber and the bomb released

God is the congregation deep in prayer

God is the cleanser, the killer, the slayer

God is the sound of children laughing

God is the train now departing

God is the question to all the answers

God is the famine and the eco-disaster

God is the breast-milk from the mother

God is the oil-slick sea-life smother

God is the oil that fuels the lamp

God is the guard in a concentration camp

God is the abundance of fruit on a tree

God is the maker of child-pornography

God is good……..God is bad

God is happy…….God is sad

God is living……..God is dead

God is everywhere inside your head

God is everyone you’ve ever met

God is horribly the best thing yet

God is no-one and all things as well

God is innocent and guilty as hell

God is is the answer to all our prayers

God is the darkness at the foot of the stairs

God is a poet…..a juggler of words